Global Touch
Global Touch Managment and Consultancy B.V.
Global Touch
Global Touch Managment and Consultancy B.V.
Professional Business Consulting

Trading negotiation , intermediation and reaching fast agreements.
Consulting and undertaking  to solve any crisis in your company.

Start Up investments

Start Up investment for new projects and firms you want to open; we provide finances , partnership and professional management.

Worldwide Business Conferences

We are ready to organize the  next Business Conference or other Events in your Country.
We wait for your official invitation the rest belongs to us.

Luxury Services

We provide luxury services for Official and VIP such events, services, tours , luxury products on time.

Ready Business Plans

Actually we have over 100 ready Business Plans for small and Medium investment needs as well all types of ready projects , we still accept projects and Business Plans to review and negotiate for the best way of implementation.

Project Financing Solution

We are directly in partnership with potential Project Financiers such from USA, UAE, UK and Turkey. We do planing , coordinating and discussion making.

Joint Ventures

We are ready to build Joint Venture for new start up business or ready Business in any field anywhere in the world.


Arranging a mortgage is one of the largest commitments most of us will ever make, even more reason to seek suitable mortgage advice which is individually tailored to your needs and requirements.

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