I am pleased to present the concept of { Country } International Chamber of Commerce Business Plan for 2020 – 20203 that aims to be implemented in over 100 countries within a short period of time.

The last 12 months have seen a lot of upheaval in researching and preparing the Business Plan for Country International Chamber of Commerce.. We have rescheduled our Consultative Forum which will be organized by Global Touch Management and Consulting B.V. and we have scheduled Annual Business Conferences for project financing worldwide.

We need to invest to grow and with the launch of this Business Plan, we embark on a program of change for the chamber, where we aim to become a truly modern, commercial sustainable and business led organization that is run for our members, by our members. This plan sets out an exciting agenda that will increase membership, establish ourselves as true partners to the wider business and civic community both locally and nationally, develop new products and services that our businesses have asked for and develop a team of officers that are focused on the growth and support of all our members.

Global Touch & UAE-Kosovo Chamber of Commerce has a vision, and not easy task to accomplish not only our goal to do the best for the Economic Development of the country where we will be present but all the needs of local and international businesses to show the power of being united. This Business Platform sets out how we will build on this legacy and create an organization that everyone is proud to be a member.